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House Wash in Constantia, NY

House wash constantia ny

This customer called me for a house wash on two sides of the house. The North & West sides see the least amount of sun, allowing everything to stay wet longer, creating a breeding ground for organic growth. After attempting to take care of it herself, she decided she needed help. She wasn't able to reach high enough and didn't want to get the ladder out. With the added tree cover, there was heavy moss and lichen build-up. Not taking care of build-up in a reasonable amount of time will cause issues a cleaning cannot fix, such as oxidation, which needs restoration on top of cleaning. Using the NorthStar 5.5 GPM Soft Wash pump, I was able to bring down all the build-up with 60psi leaving the siding looking like new again! Some of the house wash solution killed some moss on the roof, which I was able to rinse down as well. She was thrilled with the results! The whole job took around five hours.

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Products Used: NorthStar 5.5 GPM Soft Wash Pump

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